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aYs(xXxpiNayxgurLx4yaxXx) avatar
im ALYSA, but my friends call me AYS though. ya can call me w/e ya want. i dont really give a shyt ^_^. im just a regular teenager who loves to hang-out w/ my homiez.

+ positive +
[x] sporty (in some ways, yeah)
[x] matured (in a good way though.)
[x] kinda preppy (sure!)
[x] caring (not w/ my bf though... im weird like that.)
[x] weird (thats for sure.)
[x] trustworthy (i wont say anything until you told me so.)
[x] dependable (im always here for my friends.)

- negative -
[x] snobbish (sad to say, but i really am.)
[x] moody (as in!)
[x] unpuncutal (sometimes.)
[x] ditzy (not really. lol.)
[x] shy (but then i could be loud too.)
[x] biatch (only if ya are one.)
[x] asshole (only if ya are one too.)

<3 i love... <3
[x] god
[x] family
[x] my ateh and illinois`s cousins
[x] singles club
[x] nekinerdz group
[x] my friends way back in phlippines
[x] people who are dependable and honest
[x] strawberries
[x] ballers (mannnnn. theyre soooo hottt!)
[x] people who play guitar (i love them too x]!)
[x] spikey hairs (they look so hottt!)

</3 i hate... </3
[x] biaatches
[x] assholes
[x] stereotyping (everyone streotypes though. like durrrrrrrr!)
[x] fuck-faces
[x] liars
[x] two-faced
[x] not being true to his/her own self

mirc nick: aYs`-

aim sn-s: xxp1nab4byxx; bbycry13; certfiedpnaychiq

yahoo messenger sn-s: p1nay_gurl_4ya; alysza15; xximpnaynurnotxx
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
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