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Welcome to my page and thanks for stopping by. I have created a very NEW blog - â™

SIDE BAR: I love languages and each language written below represents the languages I have learned as well as those my friends have learned while in that country. I look forward to learning more.

Hi, Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Konnichiha, Hujambo,

I am '100%' natural, as of Aug 14 2010. I transitioned for 2 years and 5 months. Like a few of you, I have not seen my hair in its natural state because it was either pressed with the stove top hot comb or permed by a hair stylist. It was not until years of torture and poor care of my permed hair that led me to the decision to go 'natural'.

When I was 11, I went natural but I never saw my hair because I always kept it in braids...(btw did I mention that I was a big fan of Brandy); I'd put my hair braids in a few days after taking the last set out.

Many have inspired me to take care of my hair when it was permed, gave me the knowledge to give my natural hair a chance and the courage to be online. I realized that I had to make the change for me!

I hope you all enjoy my hair journey continued...as a natural. Please leave tips, suggestions and comments. Thank you and have a prosperous and fulfilling 2011.



March 08: Last Perm (beginning transitioning)
May 08: Length check: chin (jaw preferably), collarbone and inches from armpit (i.e. layers).
July 08 (I believe beginning this month I have 2.5”)

February 09: (straightening my hair for trim) I used APhogee 2- minute protein- I have to be careful because it broke off all the relaxed ends on a quarter section of my hair... :-( . Well, at least I had a head start for being natural. I get to see how long that section grows and how long it will take to catch up to my relaxed ends…hmm.?!

March 09:(will have 6” or more) (1 year)
May 09 :Straightened my hair for Pearlenia ball. P.S. need heat protectant.
September 09 : Wigging it!
October 09 : Wigging it!
November 09: Wigging it!
December 09 :(10.5") Wigging it!
January 2010: Straightened it for New Years!
February 2010: Wigging it!
March 2010 (24 months = 2 years) (12” or more) : Wigging it! Happy Transitioning Anniversary! lol :-)
April 2010 : Wigging it!
May 2010 (End Point) 1st goal is BSL = 16’’by Graduation) Straightened hair for graduation (UPDATE: LENGTH- 13.5-14’’): Letting hair breathe; two-strand twists/ twistouts.
June 2010 (my protein hairapy treatment: - strongly applied to edges and nape)
July 2010
August 2010 ( goal: between APL and BSL without relaxed ends) Independence Month! = All Natural!
September 2010 (braids no extensions)
October 2010: (braids no extensions)
November 2010 (braids no extensions)

**UPDATE** 12/09/2010

December 2010( PROTECT...SEAL ENDS)
January 2011: Happy New Year!!!
February 2011: (braided up/twists)


March 2011:
April 2011: Plan to use Croc 2 flat iron. (look out for pics )**updated** 5/18/2011(decided to straighten my hair for my friend's Wedding in May instead.)
May 2011: (Goal Full APL) ( Look out for pics)
June 2011: Hope to experiment with bantu knots and start a fashion blog...
July 2011:
August 2011: 1 yr Natural Anniversary (Goal: BSL/BSB) Not too sure about length here...I had some pieces of my hair reaching this goal, majorly, the back and parts in the middle, h/e I have more steps to go... APL/BSL( gotta get through this::singing) lol
September 2011: Welcome back... box braids? twists improved?
October 2011: my "Care for hair" month
November: I should be officially BSB!

**UPDATE** 04/04/2013

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to share good experiences and setbacks, and exchange healthy hair tips.

February 2013: I noticed that my hair was in dire need of moisture and of attention. Let's just say a hat is not always the best solution- I had experienced breakage in a very small section in the middle of my head...quarter size, with hair as long as 1/2 inch. It is supposedly due to me wearing hats and not protecting my hair while it is in the hats. Another culprit is my scarf...it had tugged on parts of my nae area but only one isolated section was affected. You'll see in the picture I posted - I braided my hair. It's back to the basics...wet...moisturise...seal. And yes, I am well aware that 'wet' can be moisturise...that's how bad I need my moisture.

Again, thanks for stopping by!


**UPDATE** 01/11/14

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I have created a very NEW blog (♠- check it out! But, I will continue you to post photos to my page.

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